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HyperVibe manufacture top of the range whole body pivotal vibration platforms, competing with big names such as Power Plate®, with their world-renowned (lineal) platforms, and pioneer German manufacturer Galileo Novotec Medical.

There is a vast and growing amount of research behind whole body vibration, but beneficial effects, when related to either strength/ conditioning, or rehabilitation post injury, only come about from machines capable of providing high enough frequencies and upward (G) forces- as felt through the footplate when in a squat for instance. This is what sets Hypervibe apart: their machines are probably the most powerful on the market. Like Novotec´s platforms, their pivotal or see-saw motion simulates the natural movement of the hips when walking, so users often find them significantly more comfortable. Stepping onto a pivotal platform can be a whole new (and enjoyable!) experience for people first trying it out.

With the help of research funding from the Australian government, Hypervibe´s innovative engineer owner, Murray Seaton, spent 10 years developing and today manufactures a tremendously effective range of platforms, without infringing the original patent for the more comfortable pivotal design. His sleek machines with their downloadable apps, containing a vast array of clearly explained exercises catering for all age groups and fitness levels, are now selling in large numbers throughout Australia and the USA.

Hypervibe are keen to break into the fitness and rehabilitation market in the UK and are offering some incredibly economical opener deals to prospective buyers. They have long ago recognised the need for a robust after-sales service with this type of product, so the full support and extensive training package they have come up with probably beats anything currently available in the marketplace. So, now is the time to flight test a Hypervibe: try out the Galaxy today!

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