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JumpMat Pro facilitates accurate testing of Lower-Body Power through an Application based system which uses Jump Testing to produce a wide variety of metrics such as, Jump Height, Reactive Strength Index (RSI), Fatigue, and Flight Time. These measurements, which are scientifically verified as accurate after an Independent Study by the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, will allow coaches and physiotherapists to assess the effectiveness of training/recovery programmes.

With options to conduct single leg testing, coaches and physiotherapists will be able to generate comparisons which can highlight areas of improvement for athletic development. This option is also extremely useful for the Injury Recovery process; by assessing athletes before injury, it will become much easier for Physiotherapists to measure when the athlete has returned to full fitness, and not risking further damage by returning to full training prematurely.

The JumpMat is also regularly utilised in the Talent Identification industry. Elite Counties and Clubs across Ireland currently use the JumpMat for this purpose in Development Centres, allowing analytical decisions to be made on Talent Nurturing, increasing the talent pool for future Elite Counties and Clubs.

The JumpMat Application, which is available on Android and iOS, allows users to receive more visual feedback than ever before. With Jump Test Results displayed on the App in real time, athletes will be able to gain instant feedback on performance. In addition, test results are presented in a graph format, which allows coaches, physiotherapists and athletes to analyse and evaluate the data more easily, and make changes to training programmes accordingly.

Exporting test results has also been streamlined for users, making it simple to export results as Excel files, which can be further utilised at the discretion of the professional. This is often effective for coaches who need to present results to players/committee's when evaluating their own performance.

The JumpMat Pro is constantly under redevelopment, as we try to tailor our products and services specifically for the needs of our target market. FSL will also be hoping to develop the JumpMat into a more dynamic testing facility, which can affordably test a variety of muscular functions in a single test procedure.

We at FSL look forward to seeing you all at stand No: 4176, where we hope to take you along on our Journey.

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