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The posture-enhancing XPT-11R Spine Align T-shirt

Day to day living can create poor posture, causing related neck, shoulder and back pain. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of the XPT-11R Spine Align T-shirt by BodyPartner. Created and developed by one of the UK`s leading osteopaths, it can provide relief and better manouevrability for those suffering with issues associated to poor posture.

Whether it`s disc pressure or rounded shoulders, back or neck pain or many other symptoms encountered by osteopaths, poor posture can be a chief contributor.

The beauty of XPT-11R Spine Align T-shirt by BodyPartner lies in its easy-wear simplicity and the way it conditions and educates the body. It`s not about what is does when its on; its about the muscle memory it enhances when you have taken it off.

By reminding the muscles of their primary function, the specially patented technology can help to reinstate good posture because your body `remembers` what its correct position should be.

We all know that a regular routine of stretching and exercise can ensure that the muscles that support the spine are strong enough and conditioned enough to do their job properly. The XPT-11R Spine Align T-shirt by BodyPartner is the perfect companion to this, helping to alleviate or relieve issues such as sloughing, weak core, lower back slumping, over curvature in the neck, trauma, disc pressure, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome.

It represents the culmination of three years of design, prototyping, sampling and testing, with a host of professional sportspeople, manual workers and office personnel all giving positive feedback after extensive trials.

Patented for its unique construction and positive effect on posture, the XPT-11R Spine Align T-shirt by BodyPartner is now available to help reduce symptoms of pain, aid better posture and enhance muscle engagement.

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