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We work with athletes` psychology to improve their performance.

SportMind reveals the unconscious part of our human experience. It advises mental coaches about their athletes' psychology. SportMind immediately pinpoints team or individual problems. This diagnosis can be used by both the performance coach and the mental coach for short or long term improvements.

SportMind benefits:

SportMind brings a new perspective to an athlete`s training, looking at their culture and development. It helps coaches to identify an athlete`s issues as well as their potential.

SportMind has a unique predictive power; diagnostic results correlate well with performance results.

Based on these findings, a coach can:
- motivate players and teams,
- set up bespoke training programmes,
- decide the best placed players for the imminent, or future event

SportMind gives an eye-opening self-awareness to the athletes.

SportMind is fast and easy-to-use. It delivers unbiased results. SportMind diagnostic is "blind", it does not drive players to stylization. That means that there is no "yes, no" questionnaires. When you fill a normal questionnaire, you can use stylization, answer with some purpose and the results are biased.

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