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Cryopod proudly present to the sport recovery industry, the first single person, safe, certified wholebody cryotherapy solution. We are located in the hub of the UK`s engineering industry and are powered by a genuine enthusiasm for engineering design.

We have utilised the latest design and analysis software tools, to produce the technologically advanced Cryopod. Working in accordance with ISO 9001 & 13485, we have conceptualised, from paper based studies, through research and development, all the way to the working Cryopod . The Cryopod incorporates everything you'd expect
from modern technology ; data logging, touch screen control, Wi-Fi download, remote access & bio-metric monitoring. Unlike other eastern European rival models, the Cryopod surrounds the user with super cooled air, as opposed to Liquid Nitrogen vapour, ensuring that safety is paramount, we are affiliated with the major gas supply companies throughout Europe. No need for architects or planning permission, the Cryopod fits through any standard door frame.

Today, Wholebody Cryotherapy is fast becoming an integral, essential tool in modern recovery methods. Scientists are beginning to understand the utility of WBC in the specific context of exercise, whether related to the mechanisms it triggers or the way in which it is applied. A change has occurred in the themes addressed in scientific publications in recent years, thus, the earlier studies investigated the effects of WBC on functional recovery from exercise induced muscle damage.

Today, other paths are explored such as how WBC affects symptoms of depression or sleep quality in situations where the training workload increases. The results to date are extremely promising. Indeed extensive global research is well underway, in order to gain a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms involved in exposure to WBC.

The clinical results to date, suggest WBC is set to be established as an essential recovery tool, in the ever increasing demands of modern sport.`
Christophe Hausswirth - Phd
( Head of Science @ INSEP).
"Indeed Leicester City FC are the first premiership football team to fully integrate WBC as part of their standard recovery routine. Is it coincidence that they are arguably the fittest team, with the fewest injuries, in the Premier League?"

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