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Cellper®Elite. The fastest way to get protein to your muscles - naturally.

The 30 minute period immediately after strenuous anaerobic exercise is the most important time for protein to reach the muscles. There is a common misconception that simply taking protein within this 30 minute period is sufficient - but this is not the case.

The barrier is the human digestive system. Digestion time for commonly-used protein supplements, such as whey takes time and it can be up to 60 minutes or more before protein begins to reach the muscles.

Too late - with every passing minute, the refuelling `window of opportunity` is closing. The first 30 minutes are crucial and, for maximum effectiveness, protein must reach the muscles in this period. After this, muscle recovery and rebuilding is less efficient, hence soreness and stiffness.

Most athletes and body builders recognise the 30 minute window post-exercise when their muscles are most receptive to nutrients for recovery and growth and act accordingly.

Twenty percent of our body is composed of amino acids (AA). Amino acids are the `building blocks of life` and play a key role in the storage and transport of nutrients in the body. They are essential for wound healing, tissue repair and recovery from strenuous anaerobic exercise.

There are over 250 amino acids but only 20 (known as `standard AAs` or `proteinogen`) are required to build proteins and some, like the essential amino acids shown above, have to be provided by the diet. The non-essential amino acids are still necessary - the term simply means that they can be synthesised by the body, but this takes time. Digestion time is the key to how effective protein intake can be.

Cellper®Elite leapfrogs the digestive barrier because it provides protein that has already been broken down into its constituent amino acids and micronutrients. Digestion has already taken place and Cellper®Elite is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cellper®Elite is for people who take fitness and training seriously. This means every serious athlete in every competitive sport to whom effective recovery and the building and maintenance of muscle mass are key issues. The question we ask is `Are you fit enough to need Cellper®Elite?`

Cellper®Elite is the first scientifically derived amino acid complex dedicated to muscle recovery in the vital first 30 minutes after anaerobic exercise - it`s the fastest way to get protein to your muscles, naturally.

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