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Biosportsfit Ltd.

From a post-exercise blood sample analysis and using Biosportsfit unique formulation of interpretation Your Functional (Phenotype Not Genetic) Muscle Profile Report is provided.
This report will contain Your :

1) Functional Muscle Fibre Percentages i.e. Type1:Type2a:Type2x
2) Skeletal Muscle Quantitative Productivity
3) Relative Muscle Mass
4) Power Rating
5) Maximum Cruising Speed Rating
6) Endurance Rating
7) Acceleration Rating
8) Rating of Commitment to Training
9) Risk to Injury Rating
10) Muscular Improvement Potential

Using this Data, Your Precisely Timed Targeted Cardiac or Skeletal Muscle Developmental Training Program can be Instituted to Efficiently Improve Your Muscular Sporting Performance mainly in Speed, Power and Endurance.
(Not Skill)
Biosportsfit can also provide Nutritional Supportive Advice to Support and Develop Your Functional Muscle Profile and Skeletal System mainly for Speed, Power and Endurance whilst Increasing Your Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Mass. Biosportsfit also provides Psychotherapy, Muscular Developmental Training and Injury Risk Management Programmes.

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