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Beet It Sport

Beet It Sport guarantees optimal nitrate from concentrated beetroot juice. We are very proud to supply our Beet It Sport products to more than 200 nutritional, medical and sport science research institutes and universities throughout the world. Leading research projects in the UK are the University of Exeter, Sports Science, under Professor Andy Jones (@AndyBeetroot). Major research is also undertaken in the US, Sweden, China Korea, The Netherlands and across the world. This is an extremely exciting area of research with a vast range of studies, varying to cover a large variety of health and exercise performance benefits through natural nitrate supplementation from concentrated beetroot juice.

Our concentrated Beet It shots have been adopted by an extraordinarily high percentage of the Elite sports world - including international rugby teams (England, New Zealand and Australia), many premiership and international soccer teams and numerous national Olympic teams (including Team GB, US, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia) across a wide range of sports such as athletics, cycling, rowing and gymnastics. We are increasingly exporting Beet It juice to the US, Australia and other EU countries.

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