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Advanced Health Group

The UK`s first shared service provider for physiotherapy and health businesses. The Advanced Health Group is more than just a network, it`s your one stop shop for everything that makes your clinic function.

I feel the Advanced Health Group is best described by the interview below:

During the development of this platform I`ve often been asked why? Well, it`s fair to say that over the years in private practice I haven`t met many clinicians with an abundance of spare time on their hands.

I remember working from the minute the alarm went off in the morning until the minute my head touched the pillow, it was non-stop and of course it wasn`t all treating patients, it was the phone calls, emails, scheduling and rescheduling appointments, sending invoices and chasing invoices, finding the right accountant, trialling different software, scouring the internet for various pieces of information, the list went on.

This of course was all on top of being a husband, a dad, a friend and someone with own hobbies and interests as well. Suddenly, I wasn`t a physio anymore but a salesman, an office manager, a bookkeeper, a marketing expert and an admin expert who still had time to hoover the clinic room on a weekend to keep it looking patient ready.

The answer was startling simple but that didn`t make it easily achievable. Delegating these other tasks would have freed up hours and hours of time each week where I could have chosen to either treat more patients, be a husband and father or a fair-weather golfer. The problem of course was that delegating these tasks costed money, sure I would have benefited enormously from my own secretary or office manager and my clinic was busy but I couldn`t quite justify the expenditure.

After talking to hundreds of fellow clinicians over the years I realised it wasn`t just me that reached this point in business and the seeds for the Advanced Health Group`s Platform were sown.

The platform was of course still years away and at the time I focused on growing our business with quality as our main driving force. Whether it was treating patients, writing a report, talking to intermediaries or choosing equipment, Quality was at its heart and remains to this day one of our 4 Core Values. We were lucky enough to grow steadily over the years and through trial and error found the right mix of administrators, software and experts. We created our own nationwide network which continues to grow and The Advanced Health Group is the culmination of all we have learned and the evolution of that network. Our simple goal is to make life easier for all of those clinicians out there who can identify with my story and thankfully through economies of scale we are able to offer all of the services mentioned above at a fraction of the cost if taken individually and indeed as we grow we hope to gain more traction and offer further discounts and benefits in related services.

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