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Working with injuries? Combine physiotherapy with our posture correcting garments tp speed up the recovery process.

At we are thrilled to introduce to the European market our technologically advanced product.

Designed to improve posture our products help speed up recovery from a variety of back- and shoulder related injuries. Based on evidence gathered by several American research institutes such as Keck School of Medicine at USC, The Steadman Philippon Research Institute in Vail, Colorado and the Kerlan Jobe Sports Institute of Los Angeles our Evidence Based Apparel is a breakthrough innovation in therapy that will have a significant impact on the burden of musculoskeletal health in society.

The technology works with your body the second you put it on. Immediately and over time you will experience:

1. A gentle pull on your shoulders.
2. An increase in body temperature due to your muscles activating.
3. Pain relief.
4. Slight muscle fatigue due to increased muscle activity.
5. Correct body alignment
6. Improved performance
7. Faster recovery rate
8. Increased mobility

Our posture correcting shirts are already being used by sports clubs in the United Kingdom as well as numerous sports clubs across Europe and USA, not only to rehabilitate players suffering from sports injuries but also to optimise their performance during physical activities.

The shirts are using a patented NeuroBand® Technology. Neurobands® are panels of variable elasticity that are mapped to the body to mirror the contractive properties of muscles. They create controlled resistance on your body to activate muscles firing and to keep them moving, correcting body alignment. Through this elasticity, we are able to target specific anatomic zones, creating functional pull and neuromuscular stimulation.

Based on in-depth scientific research into human physiology and biomechanics, Neurobands® technology is the first of its kind to work with your body to prevent injury and maximize performance.

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