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PolarFit® Care offers innovative, best practice in Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC). Developed by ProCcare and Air Products, it is recommended by clinical experts who have identified the physiological and psychological benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Air Products are a leading supplier of liquid nitrogen use in cryotherapy and, together with our partners who supply the single person & multi person units, we support the growth of this therapy around the world.

This non-invasive therapy of short bursts of extreme cold to the outer surface of the body, evoke and harness reactions to cold which prompt healing and recovery.
Whole Body Cryotherapy has been a secret ingredient to sporting success for many years
for professional athletes and sports teams.

• Optimise recovery, decrease inflammation, muscle soreness, increase pain threshold
• Improve readiness, helping the body prepare for more intense training
• Enhance sleep quality and duration
• Support preparation, helping the body to counteract cold or warm environments

The PolarFit® Care treatment package is new to the UK market, following extensive testing in Holland, and emphasises the benefits of a safe and tailored approach. All PolarFit® Care cryotherapy vessels use indirect whole body cryotherapy. This is the safest kind of cryotherapy on the market, ensuring the nitrogen used to cool the chamber never comes into contact with the athlete`s body.

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