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1080Motion AB

Powered by robotics, 1080 Sprint, Quantum and Synchro control speed, load, inertia to provide safer and more effective training, testing and rehabilitation than traditional equipment. Real-time data and our cloud-based platform let you assess, adjust and plan for the next rep, or the next season.

Leading the industry of motorized variable resistance technology our technology is the unique mix of expertise in sport physiology, biomechanics and motor control combined with physics and the design of advanced robotics control systems.

We are proud to serve coaches, therapists, sport scientist at Olympic facilities, universities, pro leagues, pro clubs, sport medicine clinics and gyms all over the worlds to help them and their athletes to reach their goals. Coaches get intelligent information to prove athletes are improving and being managed properly, while keeping athletes motivated with instant feedback.

We are committed to create user friendly applications with a solid footing in science.
Working with us means joining a growing group of practitioners and researchers who take pride in pushing the boundaries in performance training and rehabilitation.

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