Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Awards

The Elite Sports Awards 2018

Following the phenomenal success of the Elite Sport Awards 2017, the show will once again recognise the most innovative tools, products, and services in elite sports performance and injury rehabilitation when it returns in May 2018..

As the premier platform showcasing the leading-edge solutions that help elite-level athletes across the globe find the 1% between success and failure, the awards stand as an important feature within Europe's biggest exhibition dedicated to the world of elite sports competition.

The nominees in each of our award categories are judged by an esteemed panel comprising of some of the elite sports industry’s biggest and most respected names - making these a set of highly illustrious and sought-after accolades.

You can check out the inspirational winners of each of last year’s awards on the right-hand side of the page!

To be considered in the 2018 awards, please contact the Elite Sports Expo event director, James Berryman, on james.berryman@prysmgroup.co.uk or call 01872 218 007.

You can now keep up-to-date with the event on instagram here.

Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Innovation Award - 2018 Finalists:

This award will acknowledge the most innovative product or service developed to increase performance or aid recovery and rehabilitation within elite athetes. Such factors as design, operation and effectiveness will be analysed. The winner will be decided by the judges.

  • Vald Performance

    Vald Performance

    Stand No: 9180

  • Lizard Heat Limited

    Lizard Heat Limited

    Stand No: 3177

  • Limitless Gym Equipment

    Limitless Gym Equipment

    Stand No: 5150

  • Myontec Ltd

    Myontec Ltd

    Stand No: 2164

  • Desmotec srl

    Desmotec srl

    Stand No: 5162

  • AWARDS 2017

    Elite Sports Performance Innovation Award

    Speed Freq

    Elite Sports Rehab Innovation Award:

    SUK Sports Products