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The Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards 2017

Following the phenomenal success of its debut at last June’s shows, the 2017 Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards return for a second year, and will once again recognise the most innovative tools, products, and services in elite sports performance and injury rehabilitation.

As the premier platform for the leading edge products and services designed to enhance the performance of elite sports professionals and enhance injury recovery and rehabilitation, the Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards stand as an important and eagerly anticipated feature within Europe's biggest exhibition dedicated to the world of elite sports competition.

The award categories are listed below, and on the right of the page you can check out the winners and nominees for each of this year's award categories.

Elite Sports Performance Innovation Award

Elite Sports Rehab Innovation Award

Elite Sports Performance Innovation Award:

This award will acknowledge the most innovative product or service developed to increase performance within elite athetes. Such factors as design, operation and effectiveness will be analysed. The winner will be decided by the judges.

  • MT3 Fitness

    MT3 Fitness

    Stand No: 7116

  • FirstBeat Sports

    FirstBeat Sports

    Stand No: 8116

  • Speed Freq

    Speed Freq

    Stand No: 7114

  • ILG Business Ltd

    ILG Business Ltd

    Stand No: 4099

  • Elite Sports Rehab Innovation Award:

    Awarding and acknowledging the most innovtive product or service that has been developed to aid recovery and rehabilitation in elite athletes. The principle judgement will be made on what product helps athletes return to their sport faster and fitter, tking into account the design, operation and its effectiveness.

  • Montcalm


    Stand No: 5072

  • THOR Photomedicine

    THOR Photomedicine

    Stand No: MA6

  • UK Sports Products

    UK Sports Products

    Stand No: 5092

  • BodyShake


    Stand No: 7106

  • AWARDS 2016

    Innovation of the Year – Qualisys Sports Performance

    Qualisys Sports Performance

    Visitor’s Choice – Speed Freq

    Speed Freq

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