Nick De Luca

Having played over 200 professional rugby matches and 43 caps for my country, I have first-hand experience of what it takes to be the best. I also have first-hand experience of how pressured and stressful the world of elite sport can be! It was these stressors and the impact of our leaders on my and my peer’s mental wellbeing that first set me on a path of discovery around mental health and emotional intelligence. I am currently involved in initiatives trying to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around Mental Health and have recently trained as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Exercise has been well documented to contribute to people having good mental health, the benefits include Reduced anxiety and happier moods, Reduced feelings of stress, Clearer thinking, A greater sense of calm, Increased self-esteem and a Reduced risk of depression ( It’s great to be an ambassador for an organisation that is not only passionate about elite sport but is also engaging in mental wellbeing.

Image Source: Planet Rugby